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Curriculum area of specialisation

In Stud.IP you will find the range of courses for the area of specialisation directly at the respective course of studies.

Area of specialisation - teaching degree students

Which specialisation programme are you studying in the Bachelor?

You will study the specialisation programme which is relevant for your chosen school type.

Please refer to the Bachelor Examination Regulations (BPO Appendix 3 as well as 3b to 3e), Area of specialisation for students studying for a teaching degree, to find out which modules your specialisation programme includes.

These programmes include 30 credit points for the following school types

  • Primary school (Lehramt an Grundschulen)
  • Secondary school (Lehramt an Haupt- und Realschulen)
  • Grammar school (Lehramt an Gymnasien)
  • Special Needs Education school (Lehramt für Sonderpädagogik)
  • Vocational and Business school (Lehramt an berufsbildenden Schulen)

Which training modules do I study in the Bachelor's programme?

You will study training modules with a student workload of 15 credit points. A training module consists of practical work and an accompanying course.

For teaching degrees with the school types primary school (Grundschule), secondary school (Haupt- und Realschule) and grammar school (Gymnasium) you will take the training modules:

  • Orientation internship (6 credit points)
  • General school internship (9 credit points).

For teaching degrees for Special Educational Needs (Sonderpädagogik), you will follow the training modules:

  • Orientation internship in the field of special and rehabilitation education (6 credit points)
  • Internship in the field of school (9 credit points)

Please note in any case Appendix 3 to 3e of the Bachelor's examination regulations as well as the implementation regulations of the individual subjects in the subject-specific appendix.

For teaching degrees for Vocational and Business schools education (Wirtschaftspädagogik), you will follow the training modules:

  • Practical training (6 credit points)
  • General school internship (Vocational and Business education) (9 credit points)

Further general information on school internships in Bachelor and Master (in German)

Please refer to the internship regulations and conditions of individual subjects. You can find them on the exam page of your degree programme.
Exam pages

School-specific study plans

Information from the Centre for teaching education

School-specific study plans to help you with your timetable.

School-specific study plans (in German)

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