Career & Professional Activities

Career and Professional Activities

The Master programme, "Ecumenism and Religions" enables through research-based learning and forms of teaching, related to theory as well as to practice an applied scientific further training of ecumenism and religious studies, which enables to act competently in research and also in professional fields of activity, based on humanistic sciences and humanities oriented studies.
In particular stocks of knowledge, skills of perception and analysis of the influences of Christianity and religions in culture and society of today are taught and the relevance of religious traditions in tradition for history and socio-structural developments in European and non-European contexts, gender-related problems in churches; communication competence in religious matters and basic skills are conveyed in journalistic work. Graduates of this course of study have shown a science-based understanding and their expertise in research and practical work on issues of Ecumenism and Religious Sciences. They have a clear understanding of the subject of Ecumenism and Religious Sciences, particularly in the chosen focus of the second semester (Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Religious Studies and Ecumenical Theology). They are capable to apply scientific concepts, process models and methods independently in research and with practical problems and to reflect critically on their own actions. They know how to analyse the reality of religious perspective relevant problem situations in science and society – even unfamiliar and complex to them – and to provide information from this analysis and to contribute to the development of practical solutions.
Graduates will use their skills in scientific-oriented fields of activities in social educational work. To name a few in particular:

  • Journalism, especially ecclesiastical press and media sector, but also general press and media industry, specializing in the field of religion and culture, corresponding television and radio newsrooms, etc.
  • Publishing,
  • Church academies, especially those with presentations for Ecumenism and interreligious dialogue,
  • Ecumenical presentations in churches and ecumenical institutions (WCC, ACK)
  • Adult Education,
  • Adult education in the church,
  • municipal and non-governmental cultural work,
  • Science in Management conference centres,
  • Corporate employee training, where intercultural skills must be taught,
  • Consulting work for immigrants and in the field of Diakonia,
  • Government and Church Development Service,
  • Diplomatic Service.

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