Course of Studies

Course of Studies

The course of studies “Ecumenism and Religions” consists of 18 modules (120 KP*) and is structured in a way that it can be completed in four semesters. During this period a semester abroad is included at the University of Vechta or Bremen or an ecumenical theological emphasis semester at the University of Oldenburg.

The basic curriculum (30 KP) in the first semester introduces in its recommended usual form consecutively basic skills in protestant/evangelical theology with a share of religious studies, which establishes practical studies and focal points in the second semester: A practice-oriented module (MM II, 2) is then combined with either Catholic theology (MM II, 3) religious studies (MM II, 4), dedicated to the study of Judaism in (MM II, 5) or ecumenical-theological (MM II, 6 ) focus formation (30 credits). Alternatively a year of studying abroad (MM II, 1) can be chosen, that either will integrate the practical part to the local facilities or replace modules in the study. In the third semester the opportunity to set a focus by specifically tailored topic and problem-oriented elective modules is extended and supplemented by professional modules (deepening and creation of profiles 30 credit points).

A study schedule you can find here.

*credit points

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