Master Scholarship

Master Scholarship

From winter semester 2008/2009 onwards Faculty IV - School of Humanities and Social Sciences annually invites ten tenders to outstanding Master students (always in the winter term).

Master students can apply provided that

  • they are obliged to pay tuition fees according to §11 (NHG) Lower Saxony University Law, and
  • they studied one of the Bachelor courses offered or hold a comparable degree, or graduated with honours or grade A at Oldenburg University or at another university, and
  • are enrolled in a Faculty IV Master programme.

Grant amount, funding period and deadline

The grant is equivalent to the amount of the tuition fees according to § 11 NHG for two semesters (one year) and upon application, each eligible for one academic year. A one-time extension for two semesters (one year) is possible.

The application has to be submitted to the dean of study ´s office of Faculty IV by 15th December.

The decision of the Master Scholarship award is made by the deanery after participation of the teaching units according to the principle of selecting the best; in case of same excellent applications, it will be decided by lot. The decision will be communicated in writing within a reasonable time; there will be no explanatory statement in both cases, neither in case of refusal nor approval.

In addition to the informal application please hand in:

  • the certificate of matriculation
  • the sworn statement that no other refunds are made for tuition fees from public funds or charities
  • evidence of proper studies with very good academic records
  • your bachelor degree or comparable work along with a verification to have passed with grade A 'very good' (better than 1,5)
  • a letter of recommendation of a professor or associate professor

In addition, for applications from third semester onwards (extension):

  • evidence of proper studies of the first two semesters with excellent examination results
  • a revised approach to the thesis (max. two to three pages with opinion/ comments of the supervisor)

A proper study requires at least 75% of the academic performance according to the examination regulations. In case proof can not be submitted with the application, for which students are not responsible, a period of grace may be granted.

Please contact: Dean´s Office / Administration

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