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The Master Ecumenism and Religions educates research and profession related. The focus is on teaching skills of international and social ethical religion-related analysis. Knowledge and research in the area of inner-Christian ecumenism and the perception of plurality of religions in cross-cultural networking will enable graduates to leave as experts, who will assess the relevance of religious backgrounds of living environments for the social presence and who will integrate this into their professional work.

Ecumenism and inter-religious research projects (e.g. for peace research, in different anthropological conceptions, women´s studies, the history of resistance in several Christian and religious contexts and cultures) combine above all the approaches and methods from social sciences, history, gender studies, theology, Jewish studies and religious studies. In different phases of their studies students will have the opportunity to work and participate in their own smaller research projects. They also have privileged access to conferences and workshops related to the research projects of the Institute. In addition they can find results and new perspectives in the courses for their orientation.

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