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Media Office of the Institute of Protestant Theology and Religious Education

In addition to the books in the university library, school books, children's books, songbooks/MC/CD, different materials and teachers' manuals from Protestant and Catholic religion, philosophy and ethics for all types of schools can be viewed and borrowed here as an aid to lesson planning. A selection of current children's and youth literature for different age groups and on various topics is available for you at the media office.

Opening hours: A06 1-109:


If you would like an appointment, please write an e-mail to the address given under contact.

Media Office of the Lutheran Church in Oldenburg

The Centre for Religious Education (Arbeitsstellle für Relgionspädagogik, arp) is an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldenburg.

It offers further training and counselling in the area of religious education for students of religious education, participants in study seminars, for teachers of all types of schools and school levels, for full-time and voluntary staff in the confirmation period, for pastors and deacons as well as for other interested parties.

At the media centre for religious education, expert staff advise this group of people and make the relevant media available.


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