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Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations at the University of Oldenburg are managed by the Presidential Department of Studies and Teaching and thus subject to the Vice President for Studies and Teaching.

The coordinator's office is located in building ÖCO, room 1-151, and is organisationally connected with the Servicepoint Scholarships. Office hours can be arranged informally by e-mail or telephone.

All requests from alumni and alumnae to their alma mater, information of any kind, networking requests, hints, greetings, and always welcome suggestions to optimize our program can be addressed here.


The Alumni Program of the University of Oldenburg is historically grown. From a handwritten list of names of interested alumni, with which the program began at the turn of the millennium, it has turned over time into an extensive database and an important area of engagement for the the university.

Our service package today includes:

  • Access to our exclusive online community: OldenburgConnect
  • Lifelong, free use of a personal e-mail address
  • Our monthly newsletter
  • Continued access to the university wi-fi (eduroam)
  • Annual free reception of Einblicke
  • Always fresh journalistic content

In addition, the program is continuously being developed, and the range of services is constantly being expanded.

Lifelong E-Mail Address

All alumni of the University of Oldenburg who are active in our network have a free and lifelong e-mail account with a personal address at their disposal.

Hosted in the university's own computer centre, where some of the fastest computers in the world are located, your messages are not only protected from attacks and quickly retrievable; they also always carry the good name of your Alma mater with them.

Don't forget: With an e-mail address you will always be an ambassador for your university.

We're counting on it.

Frequent Questions

How can I keep my email address after my studies?

If you would like to keep your e-mail account after you have finished your studies, please register here.

Will my email account never be deactivated?

Alumni email accounts remain in place as long as their users use them at least once every six months. If six months elapse without active use of the account, the account holder will be notified that deactivation is imminent. The deactivation can then be stopped by the account holder.

Apart from this condition, alumni e-mail accounts will not be deleted. In this way, they can be kept for a lifetime.

Why can I not log in to Stud.IP anymore?

Stud.IP is a campus and learning management system. At Carl von Ossietzky University it has been used for many years by students and lecturers to organize their studies and teaching. It is not and was never intended to be a platform for exchange among alumni of our university.

Since our alumni in OldenburgConnect (OLC) have such a platform at their disposal, accounts managed as alumni accounts have access to Stud.IP for no more than one year following de-registration (due to graduation or drop-out). We invite alumni to use OLC instead of Stud.IP.

However, alumni can continue to use the university's public wi-fi to access the internet.

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