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The University Library offers bibliographical and full-text databases as well as electronic newspapers, journals and books for literature research.

Electronic resources acquired under licence by the University Library can be used in the University network. University members can also use them from home.

Specialised databases

In the ORBISplus search portal you will find a large number of articles, facts, statistics and studies from specialised databases.
All BIS licensed content from databases is indexed in the Database Information System (DBIS).

Electronic scientific journals

Many of the electronic scientific journals licensed for the University Library, as well as numerous open access journals, are indexed in our ORBISplus search portal. You can find all licensed scientific journals in the Electronic Journal Library (EZB).

Electronic newspapers and magazines

We offer a selection of current issues of magazines and daily and weekly newspapers on the café level of the Library.

The "Newspapers and Magazines Online" page provides a list of the newspapers and magazines that are digitally accessible in the BIS

Electronic books

You can find the e-books that are available in the Library using our ORBISplus search portal.

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