Media Technology Services

The Media Technology and Production Service in cooperation with the Media Centre offers a wide range of services. See below for a detailed description of our services.

Audio and video production

Our audio and video production services include professional audio and video recording in studio and outdoor conditions, as well as postproduction of the material including editing and DVD burning.

This service is available for University lectures/events as well as for the documentation of research. Please contact us at least four weeks before the start of a lecture/event.

Video editing

The Media Technology and Production Service offers nine video editing stations which are open to all university members on request. We will familiarize you with the editing software and provide technical support for the duration of your AV project if required. The editing stations are located in Studio E (between buildings A9 and A10).

Digitization service

Many media formats are not in use any longer (e.g. video and audio cassettes, audio tapes). The Media Centre maintains and operates equipment that allows you to still use these formats. On request, we offer a digitization service for video cassettes and films in our our holdings. These digitized copies can be borrowed for teaching and research purposes. To dub records, audio tapes or cassettes equipment is available in our audio carrels. 

Our Media Technology and Production section offers a copying service (VC to DVD) to members of the university for teaching and research purposes. Place your request with the equipment service.

TV recording

The Media Centre records TV programs on DVD for teaching staff and faculty of the University of Oldenburg to be used for teaching or research purposes. Recordings are possible of free TV stations available in Germany (Astra, Hotbird, cable), pay-TV recordings are not possible.

Request a recording by email at least one day before the broadcast date. Short-term requests by phone only as capacities permit.

If you think a particular TV show, documentary etc. should be archived for our holdings, let us know.

Equipment Service

All members of the University can borrow technical equipment (e.g. camcorders, tripods, microphones, digital a/v recorders) from the Media Technology and Production Service for research, teaching and study purposes.

To the equipment service.

Auditorium and seminar room equipment

Many of the University seminar rooms are equipped with permanently installed AV equipment (e.g. video projectors, sound systems). The remote controls for this equipment are in small lockers in the seminar rooms. The Media Service is in charge of the keys for these lockers.

Please note: If you need technical equipment such as video projectors, DVD players or loudspeakers, it must be reserved separately in addition to the rooms!

Seminar rooms can be reserved via the university's Rooms Office:

Technical equipment can be reserved by contacting the Media Service (798-4468).

Please, reserve technical equipment at least 48 hours in advance!

Event technology

The Media Technology and Production Service provides technical support for events, projects and courses associated with the University of Oldenburg, such as the “Kinder-Uni” and the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft”.

Services and support

Our services range from the provision of technical equipment to the installation of lighting, projection and audio equipment. Upon request we assist all University institutions with their events.

The Media Technology and Production Service offers advice and support Mondays to Fridays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Video conference technology

We set up video conferences for two or more participants and can advise and support you in their implementation.

You need to make an appointment in advance. Please contact the Media Technology and Production Service in good time to reserve a room and equipment.

The Media Technology and Production Service can assist you Mondays to Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Digital recording of lectures

Our audio and video production services (see above) are also available to record lectures or experiments and edit them for online or other uses. This service is available for university courses as well as for the documentation of research.

Please contact us at least four weeks before the start of the course or your research project.

Print Centre and Bookbindery

More info on the print centre with layout dept., printery and bookbindery.

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