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ORBISplus is the online search portal of the libraries in the "Oldenburgische Regionale Bibliotheks- und Informationssystem" (Oldenburg Regional Library and Information System - ORBIS). ORBISplus gives you quick and easy access to the libraries' holdings as well as the many academic data sources of

Here, in addition to books and journals you will also find articles and papers (most of them with a direct link to the full text), reviews and open access electronic resources. You can search for databases, CDs, DVDs, records and film and television recordings: around 50 million documents are indexed in ORBISplus.

You can either search for materials in the holdings of all three libraries or limit your search to a single library. The location display shows you which library has the resource you are looking for.

Using online resources from home

For unlimited access to all electronic documents from outside the campus, log in using your University login data. Many e-books. electronic journals and articles are only licensed for members of the University and require authentification.

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