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BIS - Library and Information System
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Book carts

Book carts

The university library provides book carts for students. These can be booked for a calendar month.

Please use our online form to reserve a book cart (Login with university or library ID required):

Book cart reservation: Online form

Frequently asked questions about the book carts (FAQ)

For what period can I rent a book cart?

You can rent a book cart for one calendar month, which means, for example, for the period from August 1 to August 31.

How often can I reserve a book cart?

You can choose a month and reserve it through the booking form. Once you are assigned a book cart, you can make another reservation for another month after you take possession. Alternatively, you can place your name on a waiting list for a month that is already full. This is also possible for an already existing reservation.

I need the book cart for longer than one month, can I extend the rental period?

Starting on the 20th of the month, you can email us ( and request an extension of the rental period. If there are enough book carts available, the rental period for your book cart will be extended for another calendar month.

Can I choose a book cart?

You will be assigned a book cart and therefore cannot choose your book cart. Unfortunately, this is not possible for organizational reasons.

If I already use a book cart, can I also book a study cubicle at the same time?

If both are available, you can book and use a book cart and a study cubicle. If the demand is too high, you will have to choose between the study cubicle and the book cart.

What books can I leave in the book cart?

You may keep any University Library books that you have borrowed and books that come from other libraries or from your personal collection in your book cart.

May I share my book cart with another person? Can we then get two keys to the book cart?

You may share a book cart, but only one person can enter into the use agreement. There is one key for each book cart and the person who signs the contract is then responsible for the book cart and the key.

What happens if I lose my key?

If you lose the key, then a loss fee of 30 euros will be charged.

What happens if I do not return the key for the book cart in time at the end of the usage period?

When you pick up the book cart, the key will be entered in your library account as borrowed. If you do not return the key on time and thus exceed the loan period, reminder fees will be charged for this, see §24, para. 1 of the Regulations for Use in conjunction with. §2, Abs. 1 of the Fee Regulations for Academic Libraries of the State of Lower Saxony dated 10.11.2004.
Please note that the book carts are in high demand and a late handing in of the key will delay the passing on of the book carts.

I have reserved a book cart, by when do I have to pick up my key?

The key for the book cart must be collected no later than the third working day (inclusive) of the month, otherwise your entitlement will expire and we will reassign the book cart.

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