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Study cubicles

Study cubicles

The university library provides study cubicles (study spaces) for students. These can be booked for a calendar month.

Please use our online form to reserve a study space:

Study space reservation: Online form

Frequently asked questions about the study cubicles (FAQ)

For what period can I rent a study cubicle?

You can rent a study cubicle for one calendar month, which means, for example, for the period from August 1 to August 31.

How often can I reserve a study cubicle?

You can decide on a month and reserve it through the booking form. Once the usage period has expired, you can make a new reservation for another month.
Alternatively, you can put your name on the waiting list for a month that is already fully booked.

I need the study cubicle for longer than one month, can I extend the rental period?

Unfortunately, since the study cubicles are in high demand, it is not possible to extend the rental period.

Can I choose a study cubicle?

You will be assigned a study cubicle and therefore cannot choose the study cubicle. Unfortunately, this is not possible for organizational reasons.

If I already use a study cubicle, can I also book a book cart at the same time?

If both are available, you can book and use both the book cart and the study cubicle. However, if the demand is too high, you will have to choose between the study cubicle and the book cart.

What books can I take or keep in the study cubicle?

You may keep all books from the University Library that you have borrowed in your study cubicle. Books that are exempt from circulation, i.e., those marked with an H, N, B, W, or Z, and books from seminar collections may be used in your study cubicle, but they must be returned to their designated location when you leave. These books, as well as periodicals (generally excluded from circulation), may not be kept in the study cubicle under any circumstances.
All other books that you have borrowed from other libraries, for example, or that come from your private collection, may be kept in the study cubicle.

Can I share my study cubicle with another user? Can we then get two keys for the study cubicle?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. These are single workstations that can only be used by one person.

What happens if I lose the key to the study cubicle?

If you lose the key, there is a loss fee of 30 euros.

What happens if I do not return the study cubicle key in time at the end of the usage period?

When you pick up the study cubicle, the key will be entered in your library account as borrowed. If you do not return the key on time and thus exceed the loan period, reminder fees will be charged for this, see §24, para. 1 of the Regulations for Use in conjunction with. §2, Abs. 1 of the Gebührenordnung für wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken des Landes Niedersachsen of 10.11.2004.

Please note that the study cubicles are in high demand.

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