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Your commitment for the next NachDenkstatt

Look into problems and develop possible solutions for a sustainable society!

Co-organize a workshop!

Get involved in different organizational teams: atmosphere, finance, marketing, logistics, framework programme and catering!

Gain experiences in project and event management!

Work within a great team and have a lot of fun!



The initiative “NachDenkstatt” was established and is still organised by students with the aim to create a transdisciplinary platform for students to come together at the University of Oldenburg. The goal is to advance and initiate regional transformational processes to create a sustainable society.

Early 2012 dedicated SEM-students founded the initiative “NachDenkstatt” with the motivation to implement theoretical and scientific sustainability topics into practice and specifically into practical projects.

With the aim to initiate long-term transformational processes towards a sustainable society the initiative at the University of Oldenburg established a transdisciplinary platform under the slogan “Together. Transition. Thinking.” Core of the initiative is a yearly conference which includes several workshops. During the workshops participants together with scientists and professionals (e.g. from politics, administration, the economy or civil society) develop applicable solutions for sustainability-related problems.

In regard of the method, a transdisciplinary approach was chosen, the method of sustainable sciences, to develop solutions that are as efficient and effective as possible.

In 2012 and 2013 the “Nachdenkstatt” dealt with topics such as the energy transition in the region Weser-Ems, the role of companies in regard to education for sustainable development, the relationships between sustainability and regional food-supply, sustainability in mass-market-sports, environmental commitment in educationally disadvantaged settings, art in consumption and further topics (video 2012 and video 2013).

Likewise the conference in 2014 was dedicated to deal with sustainability-related topics, such as: avoidance of packaging in the food industry, sustainable supply chain management in the textile industry, improvisational theatre and sustainability (improvising change), misconceptions regarding the financial system and the transition from possessing to being (video 2014).

In 2015 participants worked in workshops like “The transition from knowing to acting”, “Creating a community”, “Food – how our diet will shape the future”, “Scars of clothing”, “What is globalisation actually?” and “Sustainable tourism” (video 2015).

During the conference in 2016 workshops were offered in regard to the topics consumption critique, structural freedom and stumbling blocks, ecological consistency and the interaction between digitalisation and sustainability (video 2016). That year the NachDenkstatt was awarded with the Environmental-Award for Students from the German Environmental Foundation.

The initiative invites everyone to actively contribute to the conference and to advance towards a sustainable society together with other players.

In regard to the successful conferences of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and with the expectation of an exciting conference in 2017 the team would be happy if the initiative could establish itself as a tradition for different degree programmes, as an initiative at the university of Oldenburg and as a beacon / flagship for collegiate commitment for sustainable development.

The date of the next NachDenkstatt willbe announced soon.

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