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Prof. Geoffrey A. Manley

Prof. Geoffrey A. Manley


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We are delighted that Geoff received the AWARD OF MERIT of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology 2016

UOL press release (in German)

In honour of Prof. Geoffrey Manley's 75th birthday, we hosted an online symposium, on "The Auditory World of Lizards".  It was great fun - thank you to all speakers and participants!

Comparative studies of the evolution, morphology and function of the hearing organs of birds and lizards

My research group carried out research in the peripheral hearing system of vertebrate animals. We were especially interested in studies of the evolution of the hearing organs, the correlations between the structure of the hearing epithelia and their function, the mechanisms that the inner ear and brain use to transduce sound stimuli, transform these into signals in the afferent nerve fibres and the lower centres of the neural auditory pathway, the mechanisms of the active processes of hair cells and the middle ears of vertebrates and their evolutionary consequences. To answer questions related to these phenomena, we studied both the detailed structure and used neurophysiological (mainly single-nerve-fibre recordings and otoacoustic emissions) and other techniques to collect data on the function of the hearing organs of various species of birds and lizards.

Our work up to 1989 was summarized in my monograph:

Manley G.A. (1990) Peripheral hearing mechanisms in reptiles and birds. Springer-Verlag

This book is no longer in print, but some copies are still available from me personally. If you are interested in a copy, please contact me:

Apart from journal publications, further studies from our group up to the year 1998 were summarized in the book

Auditory worlds: Sensory Analysis and Perception in Animals and Man. Edited by myself, Horst Oeckinghaus, Hugo Fastl, Georg Klump and Manfred Kössl. Verlag VCH, 2000 (ISBN 3-527-27587-8)

which is still in print. This book is the final report of the Cooperative Research Centre (Sonderforschungs¬bereich) 204, “Nachrichtenaufnahme und –verarbeitung im Hörsystem von Vertebraten (München)”, or "Hearing", which worked from 1983 to 1997.

Almost all of my publications are available from me as “pdf” files or as reprints.

My report is divided into the following sections

  1. My earlier work, before I became Head of Zoology at the T.U. München (1980).

  2. The transition to Germany

  3. Work in the Department of Zoology at the TUM in Munich and as a guest abroad.

    • 3b. Research on papillar anatomy and electrophysiology: birds.

    • 3c. Research on papillar anatomy, electrophysiology and modelling: lizards.

    • 3d. Research work on otoacoustic emissions of birds and lizards

    • 3e. The middle ears of amniote vertebrates revisited

  4. The evolution of the hearing organs of amniote vertebrates

    • 4a. What was the performance of the early amniote hearing organs?

    • 4b. What changes occurred in the hearing epithelium during evolution?

    • 4c. The evolution of the hearing organ of birds

    • 4d. The barn owl ear

    • 4e. The evolution of the hearing organs of lizards

    • 4f. The evolution of the hearing organs of mammals

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