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Julia Wurr

Institute for English and American Studies
Literary and Cultural Studies

JProf. Dr. Julia Wurr

Postcolonial Studies

Research Interests

Procreation and the Postcolonial / Fortpflanzung und Postkolonialismus
Surrogacy and Literature / Literatur und Leihmutterschaft
Postcolonial Bioethics / Postkoloniale Bioethik
Biocapitalism in Postcolonial Texts and Contexts / Biokapitalismus in postkolonialen Texten und Kontexten
The Postcolonial Middle East and North Africa Region / Postkolonialismus in der MENA-Region
Orientalism and Neo-Orientalism / Orientalismus und Neo-Orientalismus
Literature and Terrorism / Literatur und Terrorismus

Academic CV

Since 10/2021 Junior Professor for Postcolonial Studies, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

09/2019–09/2021 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Trier

04/2016–08/2019 Doctoral Researcher, International Research Training Group "Diversity," University of Trier

10/2011–07/2012 Graduate Research Student, Jesus College, Oxford University

02–07/2010 Erasmus Student, University of Liège

10/2007–06/2015 Studies of English, French and International Relations, University of Trier



Literary Neo-Orientalism and the Arab Uprisings: Tensions in English, French and German Language Fiction. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2022.


Book Chapters and Articles

"Memory and Surrogacy: Visible Absences, Materiality and Forgetting in Indian Diasporic Fiction about Transnational Commercial Surrogacy." Special Issue on "Memory, Materiality, and Forgetting in the Postcolonial South Asian Diaspora," Journal of Postcolonial Writing. (In preparation.)
"Surrogacy and the Dystopian Double Standard: Narrative Reproduction Between Dystopia and Chick-Lit." (In preparation.)
"Implication between Social Reproduction and Diversity: Natasha Brown’s Assembly." Contested Solidarities: Agency and Victimhood in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. Ed. Kathrin Bartha-Mitchell, Pavan Malreddy and Frank Schulze-Engler. Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing. (In preparation.)
"Childlessness and the Female Nigerian Bildungsroman." Under review.
"Science and Biocapitalist Reproduction: Commercial Surrogacy in Joanne Ramos' The Farm." Science, Culture, and Postcolonial Narratives. Ed. Anton Kirchhofer and Karsten Levihn-Kutzler. Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing. (forthcoming.)
"Neo-Orientalism and the Poetics of Insecurity in Bodyguard." Sicherheit und Differenz in historischer Perspektive/Security and Difference in Historical Perspective. Ed. Sigrid Ruby and Anja Krause. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2022. 191-212.
"L’Orientalisme, le 'Printemps arabe' et le dialogue interculturel sur le marché littéraire européen." Dialogues interculturels à l’époque coloniale et postcoloniale. Représentations littéraires et culturelles – Orient, Maghreb et Afrique occidentale (de 1830 à nos jours). Ed. Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink and Sarga Moussa. Paris: Éditions Kimé, 2019. 165-84.


25 Feb. 2023: "Surrogacy and the Dystopian Double Standard: Generic Tensions and the German Embryo Protection Act." Fictions of Reproduction, UC Berkeley, USA. (Online.)

10 Feb. 2023: "Social Reproduction and the Postcolonial Bildungsroman: Temporalities in Saleem Haddad’s Guapa and Natasha Brown’s Assembly." British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference 2023, Georgia Southern University, USA. (Online.)

7 Dec. 2022: "Wer (re)produziert die Zukunft? Transnationale kommerzielle Leihmutterschaft aus Sicht der Postcolonial und Gender Studies." Ringvorlesung Gegenwärtigkeit. Inter- und transdisziplinäre Perspektiven der Geschlechterforschung, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg. (By invitation of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies.)

3 Nov. 2022: "Surrogate Knowledge: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Partial Knowledge and Knowing Partially in Fictional Representations of Transnational Commercial Surrogacy." The Ethics and Narratives of Non-Knowledge: Literary and Cultural Perspectives on the Limits of Research, Schloss Herrenhausen, Hanover, Germany. (By invitation of Anna Auguscik.)

8 Sept. 2022: "Postcolonial Perspectives in and on Sarfraz Manzoor’s Greetings from Bury Park." Presentation as part of the teacher training workshop Race, Religion and Rock’n Roll: Sarfraz Manzoor’s Memoir Greetings from Bury Park as an Example of Postcolonial Literature, organised with Sylke Bakker at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg.

20 July 2022: "Literatur und Leihmutterschaft. Eine postkoloniale Perspektive." Lecture series Diagnosen der Gegenwart? Literaturtheorie im 21. Jahrhundert, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg.

29 May 2022: "Reproductive Agency and Victimhood: Visible Absences in Fictional Representations of Commercial Surrogacy." Contested Solidarities: Agency and Victimhood in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. Annual Conference of the Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt.

10 July 2021: "Anti-Natalism, the Dystopian Double Standard and the Anthropocene." Humanities for the Anthropocene: Values, Principles, and Practices, University of Puget Sound and University of Victoria.

May 2021: "Between the Metrics of Terror and the Terror of Metrics: The 2015 Paris Attacks in Frederika Amalia Finkelstein’s Survivre." Le Malaise contemporain. Société et subjectivité dans la littérature française (1990–2020), Abtei Neumünster, Luxemburg (postponed until December 2021).

26 Feb. 2021: "On the Danger of Security: Neo-Orientalism and the Poetics of Insecurity." Sicherheit und Differenz in historischer Perspektive, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen.

16 Nov. 2018: "Knowledge, Power, and Security: Orientalism and Securitisation in Contemporary Francophone Fiction." Orientalism and the Francophone Postcolonial World: Legacies of Edward W. Said. Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies Annual Conference, University of London.

10 Nov. 2017: "Literary Perspectives on the 'Arab Spring': A Post-Orientalist Window of Opportunity?" Dialogues interculturels à l’époque coloniale et postcoloniale. Représentations littéraires et culturelles – Orient, Maghreb et Afrique occidentale (de 1830 à nos jours), German Historical Institute, Paris.

21 July 2017: "Translating Fear and Alterity: Neo-Orientalist Poetics of In_Security in Post-'Arab Spring' Fiction." Translating Fear. 10th Colloquium on Translation Studies in Portugal, Lisbon.

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