For pedagogical professionals

Dear pedagogical professionals,

on the following pages we have provided some information about the EuLe-F project for you. Additionally, you will find a printable flyer with all the relevant information below.

Best regards, 
EuLe-F Team

In order to capture the emergent literacy skills of children in the age range of four to seven years and to support them in the best possible way, we are developing a tablet-based assessment app (EuLeAPP©) with integrated support offers as part of the EuLe-F project.

Why is it necessary that early narrative and reading skills are already promoted in preschool?
A child's enrollment in school is not the zero hour of literacy acquisition. Interest in books, writing and letters is present in children long before they enter school. These preparatory skills play an important role in the child's future academic performance and social-emotional development.

What are the advantages for our daycare to participate in the project?
On the one hand, the observation and documentation of the emergent literacy skills of the individual child and the group of children is simplified for you. Furthermore, we provide you with a game box. This includes a variety of playful suggestions for supporting emergent literacy skills, taking into account the learning backgrounds of the children.

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