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Erasmus+ application procedure: The road to your semester abroad (Europe)

1. General information

Where do I find the information about the application procedure for going abroad via Erasmus+?

For receiving a place in the Erasmus+ programme you need to apply directly at the departmental coordinator of your school. Information about the amount of places available for going abroad as well as the application deadline related to your specific field of study can generally be found at the bulletin or at the official website of your department, institute or school.

Overview of host universities and the respective departmental coordinators

When do I have to apply for the places for the Erasmus+ programme?

In most cases the application period starts at the end of October/ mid-November with an application deadline between December and February for the following academic year. Please note that depending on the host country/ university the start of the semester abroad can be earlier than in Oldenburg. Usually the winter semester (first term) already begins in August/ September and the summer semester (second term) in January/ February.

2. Application

The conditions and deadlines for the application are determined by your departmental coordinator.

You will get information about which documents you have to hand in with your application by your departmental coordinator. You have to submit at least the following documents: A printed version of the online-application form and – if applicable – your personal data sheet (CV), a letter of motivation and language certificates.

Please fill in the online application form carefully since we will take over your data directly from that document. After the transmission of your data, please print out the pdf application form (will be sent to you via e-mail automatically) and hand it in with the aforementioned application papers to your departmental coordinator.

Note: In some cases, opening the pdf via Firefox may cause fields to be displayed empty. In these cases we recommend the use of another program, e.g. Acrobat Reader.

3. Selection process

The departmental coordinators are responsible for the selection of the Erasmus+ students. In most cases the applicants will be asked about their motivation and aims of study for going abroad as well as about their previous course of study at the University of Oldenburg during an interview. As a result of that interview in combination with the application documents, the departmental coordinators will nominate their students. It might be that the application interview will be partially held in the language of the host country/language of instruction for getting an impression of the language level of the applicant.

The selection process for Erasmus+ has to be documented in a fair, transparent, coherent and appropriate way. The eligibility criteria, for instance academic performance, language proficiency or motivation, must be announced publicly beforehand. Some departmental coordinators select eligible students in accordance with the first-come first-served principle. In order not to disadvantage anybody the departmental coordinators are instructed to announce the respective selection process to all students.

4. Further steps after being selected

Once the selection process is completed you will receive a preliminary confirmation of your Erasmus+ place from the departmental coordinator. The departmental coordinator will sign the printed version of your online application form. That document has to be submitted to the International Office (IO) no later than 15 February for the winter semester, respectively 1 June for the remaining places for the summer semester and is considered as an application for the Erasmus+ mobility grant as well. Students with a disability or single parents can get additional funding. Please get in contact with us.

Subsequently the IO or departmental coordinator will nominate you at the host university so that the next step will be your application at the host university.

Further steps

All further steps are listed and described in detail in the Erasmus+ checklist.

All forms, checklists etc. for your Erasmus+ studies

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