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Erasmus+: Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs)

In the new Erasmus programme generation 2021–2027, there is a new initiative: Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs). They are intended to promote the use of innovative learning and teaching methods and take advantage of online cooperation.

The programmes aim to enhance digitalisation skills in teaching and learning and to develop short, intensive and joint mobility curricula and activities (e.g. teaching weeks, summer schools etc.). The duration of the physical group mobility (5-30 days) is combined with a virtual phase of undefined duration.

Framework conditions:

  • programme coordinator: university employee (head of the subject/department/institute)
  • participation of at least 3 Erasmus partner universities from 3 programme countries, universities from partner countries optional (funding conditions still unclear)
  • suitable for students and university employees
  • duration: 5-30 days of physical group mobility combined with a virtual phase of undefined duration
  • virtual component: before, during or after the mobility, collaborative online learning, exchange and teamwork, simultaneous completion of the learning objectives
  • minimum: 15 mobile student participants plus lecturers
  • minimum: 3 ECTS for students
  • Report:
    • The programme coordinator submits a report (qualitative and quantitative) on the results of the BIP to the Erasmus+ university coordinator.
    • Participants submit participant reports in the corresponding EU tool.
  • The applicant university receives the following funding for the BIP:
    • Overhead funding: €400 per participant, maximum amount: €8,000.
  • The universities sending participants shall pay these persons the following funds:
    • Scholarship funds: 5-14 days = €70/day, 15-30 days = €50/day, additional top-ups for environmentally-friendly travel and for persons with disabilities.


The funds are applied for annually via the International Office at the National Agency for Erasmus, NA DAAD, in a lump sum in February of each year.

The programme coordinator’s application must be submitted by the end of January using the registration form of the planned BIP (see download on the left).

The funding notification is expected to be issued in June/July of the year in question.

The programme coordination shall then carry out the detailed planning, call for applications and public relations activities of the BIP in summer.

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