Dr. Susanne Haberstroh
Research-Based Learning Spokesperson
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Information: Grant Program Research-Based Learning

Program Research-Based Learning

Starting in Sumer Semester 2021, the University of Oldenburg will establish the grant program Research-Based Learning, supported by the Fund for Improvement of Study Conditions (Studienqualitätsmittel). This program will serve as an extension of the project Research-Based Learning in Focus – FLiF (2011 – 2020, funded by BMBF’s Quality Pact for Teaching, Qualitätspakt Lehre) and will support activities related to research-based learning.

Research-based learning refers to the following practice: Students design, perform and reflect on the research process and its fundamental phases (e.g., finding a research question, collecting and analyzing data, presenting results) and do so apart from their final theses. For more information this approach, please refer to University guidelines on research-based learning (currently available only in German).

For Instructors

Grants for Research-Based Learning Instructional Projects

Each semester, instructors can apply for funding for their courses or other activities related to research-based learning (for instance, hiring student assistants, material or other associated costs). The application deadlines are January and June. The next deadline is June 14th.
Maximum funding per project: €3,000.
Funding Announcement: Research-Based Learning Instructional Projects
Application Form: Research-Based Learning Instructional Projects

Qualification Program Research-Based Learning

The Qualification Program Research-Based Learning assists instructors (through workshops or peer teaching observation) in implement learning through research in their department or in their own courses.

Qualification Program Research-Based Learning


For Students

  1. Grants for student project researching a particular topic: Each year, a topic will be assigned and students—individually or as group—can apply with a research proposal, which can be carried out as an extracurricular research project. If approved, such projects will be funded by hiring students as assistants and/or through reimbursement of material or other associated costs. In 2020, the topic was “The Impact of the Coronavirus;" in 2021, the topic is "Future." The application deadline ended on January 25th.Maximum funding per project: €5,000
    Funding Announcement: Student Research Projects Application Form: Student Research Projects
  2. Grants for presenting research at conferences:Students invited to present their own research findings at conferences and professional meetings can apply for partial financial support for such trips. Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only supporting presentations at online conferences. Application period: ongoing. Funding Announcement: Presenting Student Research at Conferences
  3. Funding for material and other costs in research projects: To support research projects carried out in groups or as part of university courses (excluding final theses), students can apply for funding for material resources. Application period: ongoing. Maximum funding per project: €500. Funding Announcement: Materials and Supplies
    Application Form: Materials and Supplies
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