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Mission Statement of ICBM

Interdisciplinarity for Fundamental and Applied Research
The Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) is an interdisciplinary research institute, dealing with fundamental and applied issues in marine and environmental research. The ICBM aims at understanding the value of marine environmental systems through close cooperation of the various scientific disciplines (chemistry, biology, physics, modelling) of its research groups. The research focuses on marine biogeochemical cycles and energy fluxes in the water and sediment and at the boundary layers between habitats and water masses as well as the functional role of marine biodiversity.

Coastal and Ocean Science
The world’s coastal zones are one of the ICBM’s research priorities. Coastal zones belong to the regions on earth that are most productive and most affected by humans. The ICBM particularly focuses on the North and Wadden Sea. Moreover, the ICBM is home institute of the research vessel Sonne and thus also operates globally in different oceanic environmental systems. The research is based on modelling, observing and experimental approaches. It benefits from modern, high-resolution chemical analysis and own technological developments in marine sensor systems.

Scientists for Future Research
The ICBM enables an interdisciplinary and research-oriented training of future marine scientists by closely involving them in the institute’s research activities. The interdisciplinary study courses Environmental Sciences (Bachelor) and Marine Environmental Science (Master) offer a broad spectrum of fundamental scientific knowledge, training in modern methods of marine research and high flexibility in various study paths. More focused teaching activities are embedded in the international study course Microbiology as well as the Master programmes Marine Sensors and Environmental Modelling. The promotion of young researchers has a high value at the ICBM. The ICBM offers PhD students excellent working conditions and enables them to participate in a coordinated graduate training as part of PhD programmes offered by the graduate school “Oltech”.

Networking and Public Relations
The ICBM pays particular attention to networking and is an active member of the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM). Through international cooperation and joint projects, the institute is integrated into global marine research. The central tasks of the ICBM include the dialogue with the interested public about current research results and issues of marine research that are relevant to society.

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