What's the next step?

  • We guarantee that your case will remain confidential. We initially only document each case internally. The documentation of such cases is necessary in order to collect information such as witness and victim statements in the event that further prosecution is desired.
  • As we are not trained trauma/sex therapists or psychologists, we see ourselves as the first point of contact for clarifying internal conflicts, assisting those seeking advice, examining intervention options through university sports and, if desired, referring to external authorities.
  • After the initial discussion, we will decide together with you how to proceed. After consultation, you can talk to the parties involved and seek advice from external organisations.
  • If you feel the need to take further action after an initial meeting with us, we will also discuss the extent to which anonymity and options for action are compatible.


In order to uncover perpetrators and possible strategies, we exchange information about cases anonymously as trusted persons of university sports. We do not mention any names or details that could point to your case.

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