COASTAL ECOLOGY WORKSHOP 2006

workshop contributions online

!!! all rights of material published on this webpage remain with the authors of the workshop contributions - please contact the authors with any questions and queries concerning scientific findings and pictures published (for address details see weblink "programme and participants")!!!


  Session 1

  Session 2   Session 3   Session 4
Alma de Groot  Nicole Feige  Jan Barkowski  Roos Veeneklaas
Gesine Engels Julia Stahl  Saskia de Vries  Jann Peyrat
Elske Koppenaal  Helmut Kruckenberg  Detlev Metzing  Maureen Berg
Antonia Wanner

 Silvia Lotman

 Posters  Intro:spectroscopy  Corinna Rickert

 Kerstin Kolditz Steve Dury  Stefan Schrader

 Dirk Lübsen
 Michael Kleyer

 Sabine Arens
 Stahl & Maier

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