Focus of Research

The main areas of research are European labour law with an emphasis on collective agreements, legal aspects of discrimination and equality, especially in EU Law, European private law in light of reforms in the law of obligations induced by it, European competition law and its effect on social relations as well as the relevance of the comparative law in Europe for the internationalisation of legal studies (see project Hanse Law School). New research themes of Professor Schiek, who is now director of the Centre of European Law and Legal Studies at the University of Leeds (UK), can be found on the Centre's website (

Recent projects

The last conference launched by Professor Schiek while she was still at Oldenburg University was the First European Conference on Multidimensional Equality Law - developing interdisciplinary perspectives in May 2007. The results can be found here.

PhD Supervision

While Professor Schiek held this professorship, the following PhD thesis have been written:





Weiterbildung im Arbeitsverhältnis (further education and the employment relationship)

Katja Käufer Düsseldorf

PhD Thesis in law, completed


Europäisches Arbeitsschutzrecht und betriebliche Mitbestimmung (EU employment health and safety law and employees' participation)

Florian Schubert Hamburg

PhD Thesis in law, completed


Virtuelle Unternehmen im arbeitsrechtlichen Kontext (Virtual enterprises and employment law)

Dirk Aalderks Bremen

PhD Thesis in law, first draft completed

2001- 2006

Multidimensional Discrimination in EU Law and in Comparative Perspective

Victoria Chege (LL.M), Oldenburg

PhD Thesis in law, work in progress

2003 - ?

Funded projects

The following funded project were successfully applied for by Professor Schiek.


Done by




Comparison on South Africa`s Employment Equality Act and selected examples of European Equality legislation

Sebastian Busch, Hamburg

11/2002 - 3/2003

Hans Böckler Stiftung, Düsseldorf

HBS Arbeitspapier Nr.84)
Düsseldorf 2004

Report: Implementation of EU Equality Legislation by Germany

Irene Pappamatheaki, LL.M


Czech Repub­lic, government (Part of larger project)

Compiled report to the Czech Government
Private (collective) Agreements as a regulatory device in European Economic Law (guest professorship at London School of Economics)

Dagmar Schiek

10/2003 - 3/2004

Volkswagen Stiftung, Hannover

Article covering part
of the results:
Autonomous Collective
Agreements as a
Regulatory Device
in European Labour
Law: ILJ 2005, issue 1 . Further article under review with ELR.

Stimulating Public Interest Litigation - subcontract: Participating in the ius commune case book on european non-discrimination law

Dagmar Schiek

3/2005 - 12/2007

EU Kommission, Projektträger: Universität Maastricht

Ius Commune
Casebook on
Non- Discrimination
Law, Hart Publishing,
planned: 2007
mination.php) , Chapter on indirect- discrimination
and editor (together with Mark Bell and
Lisa Waddington)
Conference Multidimensionality in EU Non-Discrimination Law - Developing Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Dagmar Schiek, Victoria Chege

May 2007

In addition to Jean Monnet Funds; Thyssen Foundation

results are edited by Dagmar Schiek and Victoria Chege and published by Routledge-Cavendish

Jean Monnet Chair
Dagmar Schiek (until July 2007)
9/2005 - 8/2008

European Commission (36 000 Euro)

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