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University of Oldenburg School V - School of Mathematics and Science Institute of Mathematics Ammerländer Heerstraße 114 - 118 26129 Oldenburg (Oldb)

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Versicherungs- und Bankenbranche in der Region

The insurance and banking sector offers attractive career opportunities for mathematicians. The working group for insurance and financial mathematics at the University of Oldenburg cooperates with companies from the region within the framework of the Association for the Promotion of Insurance and Financial Mathematics - University of Oldenburg e.V. Students of the University of Oldenburg are welcome to attend the events organised by the association. Students have the opportunity to gain insights into current topics and challenges in practice and to make contact with potential employers in the region.


Die Ausbildung zum Aktuar

For mathematicians working in the insurance industry, there is the additional training to become an "actuary", which leads to membership of the professional association Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V. (DAV). The training path and career opportunities are very well described on the website. Workshops and company visits are also offered there for students and company internships are arranged throughout Germany. The actuarial training programme comprises a total of 10 subjects. The following credits from the University of Oldenburg can be recognised for the actuarial training:

  • DAVsubject "Actuarial Mathematics": successful completion of the module "Actuarial Mathematics I" at the University of Oldenburg.
  • DAV subject "Financial Mathematics and Risk Assessment": successful completion of the modules "Fundamentals of Insurance and Financial Mathematics" and "Stochastic Financial Market Models" at the University of Oldenburg
  • DAVsubject "Applied Stochastics " successful completion of the modules "Actuarial Statistics", "Stochastics II" and "Actuarial Mathematics I" at the University of Oldenburg


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