Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hilt


Department of Chemistry  (» Postal address)

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Mo., Do., Fr., 8:00 - 11:30 Uhr

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Research in the Hilt Group

Organic Electrochemistry

These days, the main focus of our research is directed towards the applications of “unconventional” electrochemical methods in organic electro-synthesis.

  •             Paired electrolysis
  •             Cation-pool electrolysis
  •             Quasi-divided cell electrolysis
  •             200%-Cell electrolysis
  •             Alternating current electrolysis

A recent example from our group is the electrochemical version of the cis-chlorination of alkenes mediated by selenium compounds.

Boron- and Indium-Lewis Acid-Catalysed Transfer-Hydrogenations

The cobalt-catalysed Diels-Alder reaction allowed us to generate site-specific deuterated dihydroaromatic compounds. The transfer-hydrogenation initiated by Lewis acids, such as BF3 or InBr3 led to the regiospecific HD or DH transfer to alkenes.

Also, an InBr3-catalysed transfer-hydrogenation initiating a cyclisation towards furan derivatives could be realised.

Cobalt-Catalysed Reactions

After two decades of research in the area of cobalt-catalysed transformations, we have left the field.

Quantification of Lewis Acids and Relation to Reactivities in Organic Transformations

The quantification of Lewis acidities was an interesting side field that we have left as well.

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