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Orientation PLUS for international students - starting your (specialised) studies off right

These are the dates for our “Cheer-up” meetings during the winter term:

2 November, 16 November, 30 November, 14 December, 11 January and 25 January from 4 to 7:30pm.

  • please register you participation using the online form from the section “How can I sign up?”
  • the room will be communicated  to you after your registration
  • please ensure your participation to ALL dates listed above
Are you an international student in the initial semesters of your specialised studies? Studying in Germany provides you with opportunities but, at the same time, poses challenges you have to overcome. International students frequently report the following difficulties:
  • a gap between the expectations and reality of studying and living in Germany
  • uncertainty about the degree programme structure and processes in the education system
  • a desire for more contact with other students, especially locals
  • language problems
  • stress and emotional strain
  • problems with German bureaucracy (residence permit, licence fee, waste separation)

Everyday life brings with it a variety of challenges when you begin your studies, but you don’t have to tackle them on your own. Are you looking for help in managing these or other personal and intercultural challenges as well as for exchanges with other students? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Why should I take part?

So that you...

  • have a safe place to exchange with and meet people and be appreciated
  • can develop strategies for dealing with stress
  • understand intercultural competence and how you can use it in your everyday life
  • can better understand the expectations in teaching and university administration
  • get tips and info on how to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts

How does it work?

You can join this programme in the winter or summer term. For one semester, you’ll be part of a fixed group of international students and two committed students who have already completed several semesters and undergone training as intercultural facilitators. During so-called cheer-up* meetings, which take place six times per semester and last 180 minutes, you will

  • eat together,
  • talk about topics that interest you and
  • receive relevant information on diversity and interculturality, which will help you in your acculturation and make your transition to your studies and everyday life easier

*The verb “cheer up” encompasses the idea of motivating someone through positive reinforcement, keeping going, not giving up and sticking to their goals.

Who will guide and support me?

Intercultural facilitators are committed students at the University of Oldenburg who have already completed several semesters.  They are completing a module offered in the area of specialisation at the University of Oldenburg, which teaches interdisciplinary skills useful for starting a career later on. The facilitators were thoroughly prepared for their role in an intensive training course.

How can I sign up?

Are you interested? Then fill out the following form. We’ll get in touch with you.

Formular OPLUS für internationale Studierende

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