Responsible official

Prof. Dr. Christiane Thiel
Vice President for Research and Transfer


Ilka Carstens
Deputy Head of Department
Research and Transfer

0441 798-2817

ÖCO 2-212

Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26129 Oldenburg

Research and Transfer

In the spirit of Open Science, the university strives to make its research findings openly accessible. It is therefore committed to the principles of Open Data and Open Access. In particular, measures include developing a research information system and establishing a university-wide research data management system based on the FAIR principles. In addition, the university seeks to train and centrally provide research aids (virtual laboratories, measuring equipment, AI-based data analysis, digital media, etc.). As a long-term research perspective, the Central Research Funding and Consulting Team in the Presidential Department for Research and Transfer supports research on digitalisation across all disciplines and thus also contributes to transdisciplinary scientific investigation and monitoring of societal transformation processes in the wake of digitalisation. The output of scientific activity at the university is reflected by publications, including open access publications, as well as various (digital and non-digital) forms and formats of scientific transfer to business and society.

Strategic measures:

  • Promoting digital infrastructure to make science more transparent and reproducible
  • Promoting open access publications
  • Establishing a research data management system that is compatible across all disciplines
  • Creating a central research information system
  • Fostering science-based engagement with digitalisation and the resulting social transformation processes

Digitalisation also plays an important role in transferring scientific knowledge. The strategic goals of scientific transfer include shaping innovations regarding digitalisation, encouraging dialogue between science and society via digital formats in the spirit of citizen science, and promoting non-university career paths related to digitalisation as well. Transfer projects as well as central funding, consulting and interactive services offered by the Presidential Department for Research and Transfer are used, among other things, to promote knowledge- and technology-based spin-offs in the area of digitalisation. The Department further seeks to enrich the regional culture of innovation through specific services, to open up new target groups for scientific and science-related formats, and to systematically prepare young scientists for non-university career paths as part of their qualification.

Strategic measures:

  • Expanding a start-up region in the Northwest with a thematic focus on digitalisation, among other things
  • Expanding regional innovation and transfer networks for digitalisation, including digital services, in order to open up new target groups and new ways of scientific transfer
  • Establishing networks for predictable non-university career paths in the broad field of digital skills and professions
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