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Wind Energy Systems


"Wind Energy Systems" (WE-Sys) concerns most about understanding wind turbines and wind farms as active, controllable elements in the physical environment including influences like wind, wind farm effects and waves and as a part of the electrical grid. Work is done on a numerical as well as on an experimental path with strong synergy between both. Numerics can cover the whole range from fast engineering models up to scientific simulations aiming for the full complexity. The experimental validation can be performed on real size wind turbines and in wind farms "in situ" as well as in a model scale in the laboratory.

As a member of ForWind, the center for wind energy research of the universities of Oldenburg, Hannover and Bremen, research is often done in collaboration with different other groups. The goal of most research projects is to better understand special aspects of wind energy systems and to facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to industrial application and to implementation in computational design tools.

At present, many large offshore wind farms are under construction or in a planning stage. New flow effects arise from turbines being arranged in large arrays having multiple overlapped wakes with reduced wind speed and increased turbulence. This results in high loads on the turbines and less power output. WE-Sys works on this topic in a recent project. The remote sensing technique Lidar is used to set up a wind scanner enabling the possibility for accurate three-dimesional measurements of the wind field in and around large wind farms.

We are a member of the center for wind energy research: 

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