Vice Chair



Regular unofficial meetings

We meet every month for an unofficial get-together. During the summer break, these meetings will not be regular. You are cordially invited to have look and see what we do.

The next meetings are:

26.07.2022, um 9 Uhr in der STUBE an der Universität

Juli bis September: summer break

11.10.2022, um 16 Uhr in der STUBE an der Universität

Scientists 4 Future biking tour

We are planning a new project to bring together sustainable development and young scientists. Check out the website of the project for more information.

Get-together for PhD candidates

We decided to start an initiative that gives PhD candidates at the Uni Oldenburg an opportunity to meet each other across the faculties and discuss all burning questions around the doctorate. 

Unfortunately we cannot provide the time and date for the next get-together at the moment.

We believe that this new platform can help us to better understand your problems and concerns, so that we can address them more effectively and ultimately, make the learning process more enjoyable for you.

We're excited to meet you!

(Changed: 29 Jul 2022)