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Arjun Anantharaman

Azad Bahareh

Denise Krissel

Lea Langhauser

Maximilian Scharf

A project of your PhD-council

Scientist 4 Future biking tour

S4F - biking tour!

Save the Date: Sommer 2023

  • Are you a PhD student? 
  • Do you think Sustainable Development is a topic for interdisciplinary exchange?
  • Do you like to bike?
  • Do you like to learn outside and be surrounded by great people?

If your answer is Yes, the S4F biking tour is a great idea for your next summer!

Let us get together on our bikes and bike through lower saxony to discover what is happening in different places throughout the region regarding Sustainable Development.

We are currently in the planning phase and do not have exact information on the date. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute, we are happy to get in touch. Any news will be posted on this website.

(Changed: 10 Nov 2022)