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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

  • MSc-RE Incomings 2020; Pictures taken during online Welcome gathering

PPRE / EMRE - Incomings winter term 2020/21

A new semester begins and with it a new batch of PPRE and EMRE students comes. 2020 will be a year that will remain in history, as a year of transitions. The obstacles created by the pandemic imposed great challenges on the incomings students, but at last they are happy to be here and start their studies. With a first-of-a-kind introduction week, hybrid between online and in presence, the students are ready to start the Winter Semester. We wish them luck and health! 

In Winter term 2020/21 overall 28 new MSc-students (22 for PPRE and 6 for EMRE / 7 female and 21 male) managed to enrol  at University of Oldenburg. The Students´ origin: 6 from Colombia and India, 4 x Egypt, 2 Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and respectively 1 from Algeria, Ecuador, Germany, Iran, Lebanon, Panama, Uganda and the US, so overall 13 different nationalities.
Due to Covid-19 pandemic the winter semester is scheduled as Hybrid Semester, which means that all lectures and seminars are conducted online and only laboratories in presence. This allows flexible entrees, which is really important, since many students experience a delay in their visa processes due to shut-down of local authorities, unavailability of flights, etc. At the time of regular lecture start only 11 students managed to actually come to Oldenburg, whereas most of the other MSc-students are expected to arrive in Oldenburg by the end of the year.

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