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Research News from Oldenburg

  • Presentation of the farewell certificate by Prof. Bruder (right), new president of University of Oldenburg to Dr. Heinemann (left)

  • Dr. Detlev Heinemann and his successor for E-Meteo lectures Dr. Thomas Schmidt at a Meteo-Station on a rooftop of UOL

Farewell and retirement of Dr. Detlev Heinemann

On 1st of October 2021, Dr Heinemann was officially bidden farewell by the University of Oldenburg with a scientific symposium and subsequent celebration. Dr. Heinemann was heading the Energy Meteorology Research at University of Oldenburg for over 3 decades while PPRE-Students appreciated his lectures in Energy Meteorology and Energy Systems.

Detlev Heinemann can rightly claim credit for having turned meteorology upside down. With analyses, studies and models, Detlev Heinemann and his teams have made a decisive contribution to the development of energy research over more than 30 years, be it potential studies, modelling or the temporal prediction of power from wind and sun.  
The colloquium titled "Energy meteorology - the foundation of sustainable energy systems" spanned the arc from the beginnings of energy research at the University of Oldenburg to a future-proof energy supply in which renewable energies already play the central role today. 
The programme of the colloqium:

  • History of Oldenburg Energy Research - how it began by Jochen Luther, Freiburg
  • Journey through measurements and modelling for wind energy by Sven-Erik Gryning, Dänemark
  • 35 Years of Solar- Energy Meteorology by Elke Lorenz, Freiburg
  • Energy meteorology from an application perspective by Gerd Heilscher, Ulm (PPRE 1987/88)

The official programme was rounded off by personal anecdotes and stories from current and former fellows and ended with a splendid dinner at a local restaurant.

Personal Farewell from Dr. Heinemann to PPRE-Family:
Hi folks! A familiar saying in the German language is something like „You should leave whenever it's best.“, or in short, „Stop at the top.“ I don’t know if that’s exactly the case but I can definitely say that I now leave the university at nearly full (although a bit Covid-slowed) speed – always better than after a crash in the corner. And I am really happy that I was able to go that speed most of the time because of such a huge number of highly motivated, nice & interesting students from many different corners of the globe which I have met over the past three decades. It was always funny when meeting many of them years later again somewhere else in the world. All this provided me always with a high motivation for teaching, supervising etc. within PPRE. I sincerely want to say Thank You for having been and being here and being part of that great experience!
Keep going and all the best!
Detlev -

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