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Research News from Oldenburg

  • Photo Credit: Maria Davila

Maria Davila wins Best Poster Award at IRTC Conference in Lille

There is no better way to start a scientific career: Maria Davila, research associate of the OFFIS research group "Sustainable Manufacturing Systems", was awarded the "Best Poster Award" at the IRTC conference in Lille, France, fittingly at the start of her PhD.

The International Round Table on Materials Criticality (IRTC) held its first European conference on critical raw materials in February 2023. The network, funded by EIT RawMaterials, plays a crucial role in the international debate on criticality of raw materials. As part of the original IRTC project, leading experts and criticality method developers began discussing national perspectives and requirements for robust criticality assessments.

Maria Davila's poster addresses the role of data synthesis in critical raw materials. One of the main problems in research today is the lack of data, which also affects criticality research. Davila proposed artificial data as a solution to this problem with her poster contribution. So far presented only as a concept, the first approaches in existing projects in the automotive and aerospace industries should soon follow.

Pressure on raw materials and dependence on non-European countries are currently important issues in the EU. The OFFIS group "SMS - Sustainable Manufacturing Systems" therefore deals intensively with decision systems in resilient production.

More information on critical raw materials on the IRTC website:

and on the group website:

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