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Research News from Oldenburg

  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Niesse 

New Professor for Digitalized Energy Systems

Already last year the energy informatics expert Prof. Dr. Astrid Nieße has been appointed to the professorship for Digitized Energy Systems in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oldenburg. Previously, she taught and conducted research as Professor of Energy Informatics at the University of Hannover.

Energy Informatics is an interdisciplinary research field. Dedicated to a resilient operation of digitalized energy systems, we are mainly motivated by the ambition to support and alleviate the transition to a sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources. New information technology based approaches are a game changer in this process.
Flexibility is key to this development on the energy system side: To substitute thermal power plants for system stability issues, we have to use flexibility potential that stems from a huge amount of small and medium energy sources, loads, and cross-sectional concepts. On the information technology side, approaches have to be developed that allow to use this flexibility with the given time and data restrictions, within changing regulatory restrictions.
A wonderful challenge for algorithm development, modelling, simulation and system integration experts!
The methodological focus of the group Digitalized Energy Systems at the University of Oldenburg is in (distributed) artificial intelligence applications in energy systems, agent-based simulation and control, and flexibility modelling. We focus on Open Science in energy system research as underlying paradigm wherever possible, and handle this as a research topic in itself.
Here you can find their website.

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