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Research News from Oldenburg

Publications with respect to Wind Energy

In the following you may find some recent publication with resepect to Wind Energy released in 2020 by Forwind Center for Wind Energy Research

Turbine Wake Deflection Measurement in a Wind Tunnel with a Lidar WindScanner
Paul Hulsman, Martin Wosnik, Vlaho Petrović, Michael Hölling, Martin Kühn
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1452, NAWEA WindTech 2019 14–16 October 2019, Amherst, MA USA 

Load mitigation and power tracking capability for wind turbines using linear matrix inequality-based control design
Florian Pöschke, Eckhard Gauterin, Martin Kühn, Jens Fortmann, Horst Schulte
Wind Energy. 2020;1–18. 

Minute-scale detection and probabilistic prediction of offshore wind turbine power ramps using dual-Doppler radar
Laura Valldecabres, Lueder von Bremen, Martin Kühn
Wind Energy. 2020;1–23., Wiley 

MPC framework for constrained wind turbine individual pitch control
Vlaho Petrović, Mate Jelavić, Mato Baotić
Wind Energy. 2020;1–15., Wiley 

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