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Publ_#2_Table of Contents

Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy - PPRE

Renewables and Rural Electrification

Editorial Preface, Acknowledgements

Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, President of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate

From the President of the University of Oldenburg
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Grubitsch

From the Sponsor - DAAD
Anke Stahl, Head of the Alumni and Partnerships Programme Section, DAAD

Prospects for Renewable Energy Projects
under the Clean Development Mechanism

Binu Parthan, Sathish Kumar

Rural Electrification, Micro Hydro Development
and Climate Change Impacts in the Development
Paradigm of Nepal

Narayan P. Chaulagain

Rural Electrification in Developing countries:
Dimensions and Trends

Anand Shukla, Manfred Fischedick, Carmen Dienst

Potentials and limits of renewable energy sources
to supply energy to rural areas

Dr. Rolf Posorski, Dr. Paul Suding

Renewable energy: A win-win option for off-grid electrification?
Dr. Paul Suding, Dr. Rolf Posorski

Creating Climate Change Mitigation-Adaptation
Synergies through Decentralized Renewable Energy

Henry David Venema, Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman, Mousse Cisse

The Economics of Rural Electrification
mainly supported By Bio-Fuels - A closer perspective

George Chakravarthy, B and Sibylle Petrak

A Fee-For-Service Sustainability Model
with Solar Home Systems or Rural Communities
in the Amazon Region of Ecuador

Santiago Sánchez M.

Prospects of Renewables for Rural Electrification in Bangladesh
Julia Aman, Firoz Uddin Ahmed and Mazharul Islam

Potential for the use of Geothermal energy
in Rural electrification in Kenya

Francis Xavier Ochieng

Rural Electrification through Micro Hydro Power:
Developments in Nepal

Ram Prasad Dhital

Solar Power Plants in the Sundarban Region of West Bengal
S.P.Gon Chaudhuri, Torsten Bröer, Indradip Mitra

PV-System as option to assist diesel based electricity
supply in the brazilian amazon

H.G. Beyer, R. Rüther, S. H. F. Oliveira

Solar Cooking a Supplement to Wood Fuels in the
Case Study Uganda

Sendegeya Al-Mas, Francis M. Nturanabo, K. Blum

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