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Publication Sustainable Energy - Planning and Policies

Sustainable Energy - Planning and Policies

Yearbook 2012: Energy and Sustainable Development. Theses of international Masters

Part I: Sustainable Electricity Generation

1. Potential of Decentralised Energy in Thailand's Future Electricity Mix

Fumi Harahap

2. The Prospective Evolution of the Vietnamese Power Sector: The Vulnerability and Erxternality Analysis

Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh

3. Assessment of Options for Promoting Investments in Reneable Energy in Rwanda

Théoneste Uhorakeye

Part II: Solar Energy and Biofuels

4. Solar water heating in Ethiopia and Zambia: A comparison of market situation and development of a promotion programme

Nele Rumler and Nkusuwila Silomba

5. Solar Energy and Rural Development - an exploration into end-users' impact evaluation: A field study conducted in the solar energy village Rema, Ethiopia

Claudia Braden

 6. Standardisationof photovoltaic mini-grids for electrification of isolated communities in Amazonas-Brazil

Pablo E. Carvajal

7. Assessing the Sustainability of Biofuel Production: An Evaluation of Voluntary Schemes

Javier Eduardo Rodriguez Bonilla

Part III: Energy Storage Technologies and Clean Development Mechanisms

8. Computer Modelling of Pumped Thermal Energy Storage

Pau Fárrez Antúnez

9. Rural Electrification and the Clean Development Mechanism: Additionality Simplification for Sustainable Energy Projects

Isabela Aroeira de Almeida

Part IV: Energy Projects/Technology Monitoring and Energy Efficiency

10. Integrated Impact Monitoring Strategy for Rural Renewable Energy Based Projects in Botswana

Khetsiwe Khumalo

11. Enhancing monitoring methods for household energy projects: A case of improved cookstove projects

Walter Kipruto

12. Financing and the energy retrofitting of residential buildings: European examples and their relevance for Northern China

Truc Ngoc Thanh Pham

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