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Mission Statement

The Science Communication of the Department of Psychology (SCoP) is a group of scientists at various stages of their carreer willing to communicate their research findings to the public. We welcome fellow researcher interested in improving their skills in making science accessible for everyone.  

SCoP has two main aims:

  1. fostering public outreach and engagement
  2. strengthening the communication within the Department of Psychology

To do so we have already offered events for the general public (e.g.,Future Day) and events within the Department of Psychology (e.g., the Science Speed Dating series).

SCoP was created to bundle experiences and knowledge and to create a space for networking and establishing events to facilitate internal cooperations. We aim to educate the public by making science more transparent and easily understandable. If we have an idea for a project, small groups of interested members would implement it. Inclusion is very important to us, hence there are no prerequisites for active involvement. Our principle is that everyone can join and contribute as much as they like and is feasible for them. SCoP is represented by its task force.

SCoP task force

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