Programme coordinator

Dr. Kerstin Bleichner

CHE ranking 2019/20:
Neurocognitive Psychology among the top programmes for courses offered, research and international orientation


Study programme

Study programme

Welcome to the website of the Research Master's programme Neurocognitive Psychology!

We offer a comprehensive two-year programme in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with lots of hands-on laboratory experience. Therefore, our progamme cannot be studied completely online.

Dear students,
due to the current coronavirus pandemic, most teaching in the summer term 2021 takes place online. Some hands-on classes and lab work can be done in presence.

Please note that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you have to hand in a risk assessment form before starting your internship, external Practical Project or external Master's thesis. You can find this form in English or German in the list of supporting documents!



(Changed: 2021-05-12)