Programme coordinator

Dr. Kerstin Bleichner

CHE ranking 2019/20:
Neurocognitive Psychology among the top programmes for courses offered, research and international orientation


Study programme

Study programme

Welcome to the website of the Research Master's programme Neurocognitive Psychology!

We offer a comprehensive two-year programme in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with lots of hands-on laboratory experience. Therefore, our progamme cannot be studied completely online.

Dear students,
due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the winter term is taking place online. The summer term is planned as a hybrid semester. Lectures and most seminars will be given as live online sessions, while interactive seminars and practical modules are planned in presence at the university.

Please note that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you have to hand in a risk assessment form before starting your internship, external Practical Project or external Master's thesis. You can find this form in English or German in the list of supporting documents!

From 16.12.20 until 31.03.21 all teaching in presence is cancelled!



(Changed: 2021-02-18)