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Newsletter January 2022

The first HPC newsletter of the year 2022!

Dear HPC users,

this newsletter is packed with information about the plans for next HPC clusters, the next 3-day course “Introduction to HPC”, a job offering and much more:

  1. Next HPC Clusters: We start the newsletter with some very good news. Our DFG proposal was fully granted just before Christmas. In addition, a proposal by Forwind was also successful. This means we can now go ahead with the procurement of new HPC clusters as successors to CARL and EDDY. The plan is for the new systems to be delivered by the end of the year and then put into operation at the beginning of 2023.
  2. HPC Course: The next three-day course "Introduction to HPC" has been scheduled for March 14th to 16th from 10am to 17pm. The course will be given online with BigBlueButton and the agenda for the full course is as follows:
    Day 1 – Introduction to HPC (HPC Cluster, Job Scheduler, …)
    Day 2 – Parallel Programming
    Day 3 – Using Matlab on the HPC Cluster
    Therefore, each day targets a different audience, and it is perfectly ok to only participate in the sessions that suit your particular needs. If interested, please sign up for the course in Stud.IP. More information about the course is also available in the HPC wiki.
  3. $WORK is still nearly full: The file system for $WORK is still over 90% full (we are at less than 50TB of free space). All users are kindly asked to check if they can move files, that a not actively needed on the cluster, to e.g. $DATA or $OFFSITE. See the HPC wiki for instructions.
  4. Open Position Bioinformatics: The Institute of Avian Research has a vacancy for establishing high-performance computing services, bioinformatics expertise and the supervision and development of research data management services. Details can be found in the announcement of the vacancy (in German only).
  5. Dates: Please take note of the following upcoming events
  6. Software News: The following modules are now available on hpc-env/8.3:
    • IQ-TREE/1.6.12-foss-2019b
    • HDF5/1.12.1-gcccuda-2021.06
    • CMake/3.18.4*
    • intelcuda/2022.01
    • NVHPC/21.9-intelcuda-2022.01
    • AIMAll/19.10.12-intel-2019b-linux_64bit
    • … and much more packages! So you might want to take a look at our software page, should you need one or two dependency updates.

* available on nearly all environments.

The list above might not be complete, you can always search for software with the command “module spider <softwarename>”.

The next newsletter is planned for March.

Best wishes and happy computing
Your HPC Support Team ()

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