Our research activities

Research Unit "Horizontal Europeanization" (DFG, 2012 - 2020)

Until recently, research on European Integration focused on economic, legal and political aspects. However, since the 1990s European Integration also creates a fundamental transformation of social relations and the people's lives: After the Second World War people's lives mostly took place within the context of clearly defined nation-states. Nowadays the dissolution of the solid borders between nation-states leads to growing cross-border orientation in social interactions, attitudes and interpretations.

Using examples in the fields of academia, asylum administration, EU professionalism, labor relations and identity, we aim at better understanding selected Europeanization processes, the related conflicts, their socio-structural conditions and their impact on patterns of social inequality. Furthermore we try to develop a more general understanding of Europeanization processes that we expect to be able to observe in those fields.

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Within the Research Unit we are conducting the sub-project "Europeanization of Social Inequalities". This project is dealing with social stratification within Europe on the basis of international household panel data. The aim of this proect is to analyze social inequalities from a multi-level perspective.

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