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Information from the organiser of the International Summer Fest

Dear students and friends,
the Corona crisis also affects this year’s International Summer Fest. We regret to inform you that the International Summer Fest cannot take place this year. Despite the sad news, we are confident and hopeful to celebrate this outstanding event with all of you again in the next year.
We’ll keep you updated about future developments.
All the best, your International Office

Security advice

The visitors of the International Summer Fest are aware of the volume of such an event and visit it at their own risk. We recommend wearing earplugs. The organiser is not liable for any hearing and health damage.

Photographs of the Fest

During the International Summer Fest, we take photos that we would like to use for press purposes, documentation, and promoting the Fest in the coming year. If you do not want to be photographed, please inform us/ the photographer.

If you do not agree with an already published photo, we ask you for immediate notification with precise reference to the photo in question. In this case, the photo will be removed within reasonable time.

(Changed: 2021-04-30)