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Book Publication

Geschlechterwissen in und zwischen den Disziplinen.
Perspektiven der Kritik an akademischer Wissensproduktion.

edited by Barbara Paul, Corinna Bath and Silke Wenk, Bielefeld: transcript 2020

Joint Project “Gender Knowledge in and between the Disciplines”

Gender Knowledge in and between the Disciplines: Critique, Transformation and ‘Dissenting Participation’ in (Academic) Knowledge Production

(concluded, project duration: 2015 - 2019)

Knowledge is always socio-culturally bound up not only in everyday life but also in academic institutions. It is contingent on the location of language, and the historically changing framework of what is sayable and visible. From this perspective, the project “Gender Knowledge in and between the Disciplines” examines the conditions and developments of the production of gender knowledge from the 1970s until today. Work on the subject is divided up into four sub-projects – focusing on Biology, Computing Science, Art History, and Musicology respectively – to facilitate a cross-disciplinary comparison.

The universities of Oldenburg and Braunschweig’s joint research project was headed by Prof. Dr. Barbara Paul (spokeswoman from 2017 on), Prof. Dr. Melanie Unseld (spokeswoman until 2016), Prof. Dr. Silke Wenk (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg/Centre for Interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies), and Prof. Dr. Corinna Bath (TU Braunschweig, MGM professorship “Gender, Technology and Mobility”).

For different durations of time, and sometimes consecutively, the following research associates from the disciplines examined in the project were involved: Dipl.-Inf. Göde Both (Braunschweig), Friederike Bunten, M.A. (Oldenburg), Dr. phil. Claude Draude (Braunschweig), Dr. rer. nat. Smilla Ebeling (Oldenburg), Dr. phil. Reinhild Feldhaus (Oldenburg), Dr. rer. nat. Melanie Nowak (Braunschweig) und PD Dr. phil. Anja Zimmermann (Oldenburg).

This project was funded by the Lower Saxony State Ministry for Science and Culture.

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