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    C.v.O. Universität Oldenburg
    CMC Center for Migration, Education
    and Cultural Studies
    Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
    26129 Oldenburg

Content and Perspectives

Content and Perspectives

The CMC assesses relations of belonging and difference as social constructions that produce practices of differentiation, alterity, and exclusion and help make social life tangible to members of society in a symbolic, material, institutional and discursive way. It is by means of belonging and difference that we experience and comprehend social reality and our own position within it.

The CMC is defined by its approach, which encompasses a twofold perspective on difference and belonging. Its main element is the investigation of locally generated differences as well as the analysis of general discursive practices, politico-legal regulations and the socio-economic environment itself. The correlation of these analytical levels (the relationship between established practices and more general structures that generate relations of difference and belonging) are the CMC’s main object of analysis.

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