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How to find a suitable degree programme for international applicants - Frequently asked questions

1. How do I find a suitable degree programme?

  • The university of Oldenburg offers a substantial and constantly range of degree programmes.
  • All degree programmes offered by the University of Oldenburg can be found in the overview degree programmes A - Z.

If you need help with choosing the best degree programme, please contact our Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB).

2. When do I need to choose my degree programme?

You need to indicate your desired degree programme when applying via uni-assist.

3. Can I change the degree programme in my application?

If you wish to change your application to a different degree programme, you need to do so before uni-assist finishes processing your application which takes 4 weeks after your submission at the latest.

4. Can I apply for more than one degree programme?

Yes, you may apply for more than one degree programme in the same semester.

5. Can I apply for the summer semester and also for the winter semester?

Applications for starting a Bachelor‘s Programme are only possible for the winter semester.

Applications for starting a Master’s degree are possible for the winter semester. For most Master’s programmes, applications for starting a programme are also possible for the summer semester.

6. Are there deadlines that I have to meet?

The application deadline varies depending on the degree programme you are interested in. 

Our advice is to decide on a programme and apply three months prior to the application deadline.

7. What are the fees for the application?

At uni-assist:

  • Usually, uni-assist charges 75 € for the first application each semester at a University.
  • For additional applications at the same or at another university you will be charged 30 € per desired course of study.

At University of Oldenburg:

8. Which course language do I want to study in?

The University of Oldenburg offers degree programmes with German and English as a course language:

9. Where do I find more information about the degree programme I am interested in?

All degree programmes offered by the University of Oldenburg can be found in the overview degree programmes A - Z.

You will find further information on the degree programme you are interested in on the respective information website.

10. Is the degree programme I chose with restricted admission?

On the following websites you will find information on whether the degree programme you chose is with restricted admission or with open admission:

11. What level of English proficiency do I need for my desired degree programme?

Consider the information about the language requirements.

For detailed information about the language proficiency needed for your degree programme please visit the website of the specific degree programme in the column foreign language skills.

12. Which degree programmes are taught in English?

The University of Oldenburg offers various degree programmes taught in English.

13. How do I contact the subject-specific student advisors?

If you have detailed questions, please contact the academic counselling of the respective degree programme via our Student InfoPortal.

There, you can arrange a meeting with the respective academic counsellor who advises students choosing a degree programme or making career choices for specific subjects and programmes.

14. What is the subject-specific student advice?

Our subject-specific student advice provides detailed information for your desired degree programme. There are subject-specific student advisors for each degree programme.

15. What is a subjects-specific university entrance diploma?

  • It is possible that you cannot study every subject with your university entrance diploma.
  • Depending on your school-leaving diploma, you can either study every subject offered by our university (general diploma), or you have a subject-linked eligibility of university admission, meaning you can only study subjects that are linked to your university entrance diploma, e. g. solely scientific subjects or liberal arts.

Information on recognition of equivalence of your qualification can be obtained at the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

16. What does 'restricted admission' mean?

  • Some degree programmes receive clearly more applications than the number of university places available.
  • These programmes are with restricted admission.

For these programmes, admission is organized based on a ranking list or finally through a lottery system.

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