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International EMCA conference in Vienna

3rd – 7th October 2021

Two members of our working group visited the international conference of the European Mosquito Control Association in Vienna. Dr. Carmen Villacañas de Castro prepared a scientific poster about Culex spp. breeding sites. Tarja Dworrak presented her thesis topic about restoration and mosquitoes and won one of the students awards for best oral presentations.

DGL Conference at the UFZ in Leipzig

27th September – 1st October 2021

Members of our working group presented parts of their Bachelor, Master and doctoral theses at the annual conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie” (German society for limnology). Lisa Tunder (picture, up left), Elisabeth Kliment (picture down left) and Kena Jürgens presented exciting insights about lowland ditches. Johann Musculus, Felix Sauer and Tarja Dworrak (picture up right) introduced mosquitoes and their ecology to the audience.

Outstanding award winners 2020

18th June 2021

Elisabeth Kliment and Lisa Tunder received the book prize for outstanding theses from School V (School of Mathematics and Science, University of Oldenburg) for their joint master's thesis "Methodenstudie zur Erfassung von Makroinvertebraten in Gräben des Nordwestdeutschen Tieflandes".

Successful doctoral thesis defense of Felix Sauer

30th April 2021

We celebrate together with Felix Sauer his successful defense of his doctoral thesis. We wish him all best for a bright future!

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