M.Sc. Biology / M.Sc. Biologie

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Bifak. Academic Commission Fak. V & VI

Bifak. Stuko und Studiengremium LÖK

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Fachschaft Biologie

Research Projects

For updated information please see also  Modul bio900 in Stud IP.

Research Projects (Examples)

Navigation mechanismen in nocturnal bird migration

Exploring bird migration – Comparison between pre-migratory flights and premigratory restlessness in a migrant songbird

Functional ecology of plants – from organ to ecosystem

Plant biodiversity and evolution – Research in the botanical garden and the herbarium

Biodiversity and evolution of animals – Behavioural ecology

Plant biodiversity and evolution – Speciation and genomics

Biodiversity and evolution of animals – Marine biodiversity

Marine biodiversity

Plant biodiversity and evolution – Pollination and hybridization

Ecological Genomics – Genomic and Transcriptomic Data Analysis  

Systematics and Evolutionary Biology – Molecular Systematics

Sensory Biology of Animals – Sensory biology of magnetoreception

Migration genetics – from individual behaviour to genome wide architecture  

Ophthalmology – Molecular and cellular mechanisms in regenerative Medicine

Human Genetics – Transcriptome and Exome analyses in neuronal and neurosensory disease

Animal Physiology & Behaviour – Auditory perception studies

Biochemistry – Protein function in neurosensory systems

Cochlea and auditory brainstem physiology – Evolutionary Auditory Neuroscience

Neurogenetics – Evolution of the auditory system

Visual Neuroscience – Molecular and cellular basis of regeneration in the peripheral nervous system

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