M.Sc. Biology / M.Sc. Biologie

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Bifak. Academic Commission Fak. V & VI

Bifak. Stuko und Studiengremium LÖK

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Fachschaft Biologie

Working Groups and Cooperative Partners

The individually determined areas of concentration arise from the participating working groups and their research foci. Further specializations are enabled by cooperation with external research institutions. Detailled information about the research areas of the working groups and the cooperating partners can be found in the following websites:


IBU (Faculty V)

Focus Neuroscience (IBU)

DfN (Faculty VI)


DfP (Faculty VI)

DfH (Faculty VI)

An overview of all working groups which deal with biology and their respective research foci can be found under the following link  uol.de/ibu/agen/.

Programme Related Cooperative Partners (Selection)

Extramural Research Institutions:


  • University of Bremen
  • University of Groningen (Master Programme in medicine)
  • James Cook University in Australia
  • ERASMUS+ Partnerschaften: Denmark, Finnland, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain (Partnership coordinator: Dr. Stefan Dennenmoser)

For information on study abroad opportunities, contact the International Office.

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