BIS - Library and Information System
Media Technology and Production Service

Room  B 4-421
Phone +49 441 798-2340
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Borrowing equipment

Equipment Service

Currently, the regular equipment service is available.

  • Reserve equipment by email () or by phone (7989-2340) during the regular opening hours. 
  • Equipment can be picked up and returned at the counter in the library's foyer.

A valid passport is required to borrow equipment.

Equipment List

The following equipment can be borrowed:

  • camcorders
  • tripods
  • microphones
  • digital voice recorders
  • transcription software
  • video recorders (for recording lectures)
  • slide and overhead projectors
  • loudspeaker systems
  • presenters
  • other equipment on request

Please note: Materials such as blank mini-DVD cassettes, recordable CDs and DVDs, etc. are NOT provided.

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