Thomas Hots
Room W02 1-160

Christopher Flesch
Room B 4-421

Auditorium and seminar room equipment

Auditorium and seminar room equipment

Many of the University seminar rooms are equipped with permanently installed AV equipment (e.g. video projectors, sound systems). The remote controls for this equipment are locked in small cupboards in the seminar rooms. The Media Service is in charge of the keys for these cupboards.

  • Form: Keys for Media Rooms/Video Projectors - Reservation Request

Please note: If you need technical equipment such as video projectors, DVD players or loudspeakers, it must be reserved separately in addition to the rooms!

Seminar rooms can be reserved via the University Rooms Office:

Technical equipment can be reserved by contacting the Media Service (798-4468) in the Media Technology and Production Service Department.

Please reserve technical equipment at least 48 hours in advance!

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